Sanger West ASB

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Serve, Create, and Empower the Swarm

Sanger West ASB's mission is to unify the school's community by promoting a spirited, diverse, and accepting school culture.

Activities Director

Madison Rocker
(559) 524-3173

Accounting Specialist

Tayler Mason
(559) 524-3104

ASB Officers

ASB President: Anissa Trujillo
ASB Vice President: Steven Sanchez-Berrera
ASB Secretary: Chloee Zozaya
ASB Treasurer: Bethany
Representatives at Large:
Alivia Lo, Vivian Vang, Mackayla Vang
Dance Commissioners:
Roxi Cortes, Elly Vang
Rally Commissioners:
Savanah Lee, Abigail Burge
Club Commissioners:
Diego Reynaga, Nali Yang
Athletic Commissioners:
Abigail Burge, Juan Jaramillo
Publicity Commissioner: Mia McMillen
Student Wellness Commissioner: Anisa Thiravath

Class Officers

Junior Class President: Gabryela Velazco
Junior Class Vice President: Hoonur Kaur
Junior Class Secretary: Pajshib Lee
Junior Class Treasurer: Mariela Arias Heredia
Junior Class Representative: Jessica Branvila Salmeron
Sophomore Class President: Ryan Osier
Sophomore Class Vice President: John Archuleta
Sophomore Class Secretary: Arianna Alcaraz
Sophomore Class Treasurer: Annika Vang
Sophomore Class Representative: Nicole De La Rosa
Freshman Class President: Gigiana Baker
Freshman Class Vice President: Maiya Potter
Freshman Class Secretary: Sienna Sanchez
Freshman Class Treasurer: Katelynn Jones
Freshman Class Representative: Yareli Cisneros-Pascacio